My Personal One Week I.F. Results


Last week I wrote about intermittent fasting. I had never tried it myself, and laid out some information about the subject in a post. Well, I must have done a good job, because I convinced myself to try it!

So after one week of intermittent fasting 16:8, fasting for sixteen hours, then allowing an eight hour feeding window, I wanted to lay out my personal results and experience so far. I do need to say, however, that I am eating very low carb, no starches, no sugar, no processed foods or additives, and this may also be affecting my results. But here is what happened…


The very first thing I noticed on day one, was that my appetite was gone. Throughout the day, I usually know when I start to get hungry, and when this time came, I had no appetite. I was very pleased! Not only did this occur on day one, but every day since.

When the sixteen hour fast was complete, I still had no appetite. Now, one week later, I’m beginning to wonder if I even need food anymore. I’m saying that with sarcasm, but it is very difficult to reach the amount of daily calories I have set for myself.

I attribute this to my body using stored body fat for energy. It really has no choice, because as Dr. Peter Attia says, the body will maintain a blood glucose level around 70mg/dl regardless of if you are eating or fasting. Stored body fat is the only place this can come from.


Eating less meals is convenient for me. There is less planning involved. It is also convenient not worrying about eating at certain times of the day. I eat when I want, not when the clock says or when a specific meal-time hits.


Before I began my IF protocol, I was worried that fasting for this amount of time would effect my blood glucose and energy levels for my workouts. What I found was actually the opposite. I have plenty of energy for exercise no matter the duration of the session or the intensity. It almost makes me feel as if I am younger.

Another result I found concerning energy is I am actually less tired than usual. It was common for me to take a 15-20 minute power nap mid afternoon, and I have not done this the entire week. It also seems that my overall mood has improved as well.


My mental focus has become sharper, and I feel like my mental energy has also increased. I feel like I want to do more and more tasks and don’t need to rest as much as I use to.


My productivity has increased as well as my drive to be more productive. I feel really good; I feel like I am being productive towards my health, achieving something positive and purposeful. I am reaching an important goal. It is easier to be more productive when you’re not worrying about food, or being forced to structure your day around it.


I have lost two pounds in this one week. I also look leaner and can visually tell that my body fat percentage has dropped.


So far intermittent fasting is working great for me. I don’t know if these amazing results will continue indefinitely, but I am going to continue for thirty days. It is my hope that everyone would at least try it. But it is an aggressive adjustment to your diet, so make sure your doctor agrees that it is safe for you, and that you have no underlying medical conditions before attempting it. But even though it is an aggressive lifestyle, it has not been difficult for me to adjust to by any means.

This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. Individual results may vary, and is not intended for medical diagnosis or treatment. If you have a medical concern or issue, please consult your physician.

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