5 Reasons You Should Get a Squat Rack

Squat rack

During the Coronavirus quarantine, public gyms are closed, and many people are working on acquiring equipment for a home gym or garage gym.

One of the most versatile pieces of equipment you can get for your home gym is a squat rack. The multitude of diverse exercises you can do with it makes it worth its roughly four foot by four foot footprint.

There are five reasons you should get a squat rack. Some are obvious and some maybe not so obvious.

Back squat

1. Squats

A squat rack allows you to do squats, of course, and a variety of them. The rack will have adjustability, and the barbell height can be set to your preference. Depending on the model of the rack, it will also have an adjustable pin set up or arm attachment for safety.

The squat rack allows you to do back squats, front squats, and overhead squats. With the safety arms, you can even do bottom-to-bottom squats, where the rep begins and ends in the bottom position. The safety arms also allow you to max out and safely dump the barbell on a failed rep. This also ads an element of confidence to your lift knowing you can safely bail out of the lift if necessary.

Pull ups

2. Pull ups

The squat rack will also have an upper bar to allow for pull ups. The rack you’re considering doesn’t have a pull up bar? Don’t buy it! Get one with a pull up bar.

The pull up bar allows you many pull up options. Pull ups, chin ups, wide-grip pull ups, close-grip pull ups, mountain climber pull ups, and towel pull ups. If your rack has an attachment to store weight plates, the extra weight will allow kipping pull ups and other gymnastic movements. If you have the overhead clearance, your squat rack with pull up bar allows you to do bar muscle ups and possibly ring muscle ups as well. Also, a good squat rack will have provision to add a dip station that is easily adjustable.

Bench press

3. Bench press

With the addition of a bench, a squat rack allows you to bench press. As with the squat, the adjustable safety pins/arms allow you to safely work out alone or max out. If your bench is adjustable, you can add the incline bench press to the versatility of your squat rack. But even if you have no bench, you can still use a squat rack for the floor press exercise.

Shoulder press

4. Shoulder press

The squat rack can be used to rack and re-rack a barbell for the shoulder press, push press, and push jerk. This is helpful in allowing the lifter to save energy for the shoulder exercise, instead of cleaning the barbell from the floor. It also helps the lifter to focus on the pressing technique. A bench can also be used with the squat rack to allow for a seated barbell press.

Resistance bands

5. Mobility

The final reason you should get a squat rack is mobility. The squat rack is a great tool as an attachment point for different mobility bands. Whether shoulders, hips, or other parts of the body, bands can be placed anywhere on the squat rack.

The squat rack also gives the option of smashing different muscles or body parts with a barbell. The adjustability of the rack gives the option to place the barbell at whatever height needed for the particular muscle being targeted.

A squat rack is an absolute necessity in a home gym, garage gym, or any gym for that matter. The versatility of a squat rack makes it worth its small foot print giving you the ability to do squats, pull ups, bench press, shoulder press, mobility exercises, and more. With the different attachments available, it can used for storing weight plates and even be transformed into a dip station. Plan to make a squat rack the next addition to your home gym arsenal.

This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. Individual results may vary, and is not intended for medical diagnosis or treatment. If you have a medical concern or issue, please consult your physician.

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